Happy Halloween from Art World School!


Art World School teachers celebrated Halloween 2021 with students by dressing up as different famous artworks such as Mona Lisa, The Scream, and American Gothic. Students in Art World School’s After School Program Beaverton and After School Program Portland were able to learn more about the artworks and artists on top of their usual curriculum. Students in Art World School’s Fine Art Program were able to also see the teachers in their fun costumes and learn more about the significance of the artworks and artists. Students in Art World School’s one-on-one, 2 student or group classes, and online art classes were all able to celebrate Halloween weekend with the teachers.

Art World School also held an amazing birthday party event on Halloween day and the birthday girl was able to do an acrylic painting and clay project with her friends. Attendees to the birthday party wore their beautiful costumes, which made the event more special. The kids were still able to eat birthday cake, open presents, and enjoy free time in between the classes during the event. Such events make Art World School a more special place to be for all students and we look forward to hosting the perfect birthday party event Portland and birthday part event Beaverton for more birthday girls and boys!


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