Get Arty for Your Kid’s Birthday – Art Birthday Parties

Get Arty for Your Kid’s Birthday – Art Birthday Parties


Art is always full of fun for kids, and fusing it into their birthday parties is one crazy idea as parents are looking for new ways to celebrate the special day of their little ones. Art Birthday Party in Portland has become the trend and is grabbing the attention of everyone, from parents to kids.

Colors are the most powerful tool of creativity for kids, and they have their way of describing their imaginations with different shades.

Parents are well adopting the concept of Arty Parties, and kids also love to wrap their hands in their favorite colors.

What is So Special About Art Parties?

Art and Craft is a fun code for kids. Art is a form of expressional activity that connects different worlds of kids.

Conventional style birthday parties are so overrated now, and parents find the latest concept more interesting for their kids. Art Birthday Parties have given a new definition to celebrations as they offer a huge landscape to paint their imagination.

Art Party is as unique as its name. It offers the kids and their parents to enjoy various coloring activities with their guests (other parents and kids) and let them do the artwork much more carefreely.

When Kids participate in the drawing or coloring sessions with their parents, it sends happy vibrations in their minds, and they feel a more affectionate connection with them.

  • Insights from Arty Parties

Color-Colors Everywhere, Which Color to Pick – It defines what actually happens at an Art Birthday Party in Portland.

The most renowned Art School in Portland, Art World School, organizes amazing Art Parties with an endless supply of colors and art material.

Kids can pick the best colors from the available options and draw whatever they want. You can infuse any of your ideas into the party, like asking kids to draw a toon sketch of their parents to make it more interesting.

The venue for Art Parties is decorated with balloons and a large Happy Birthday Banner that sustains the essence of Birthday Parties.

  • Plans Available

We are a highly rated Art School in Portland; provide the following plans for Art Parties –

The starting Plan begins from $275 for a gathering of 15 members and goes up to $399 for the same gathering. There are a total of 4 plans with various projects available.

Check out our website to get the details about our plans.

  • Giving Birthday Parties an Artistic Vibe

In the ever-changing dimensions of the world, Art is still a fun element for kids. Kids love colors unconditionally and share a special bond with these creative tools.

Art School in Portland, Art World School provides the best plans for Art Birthday Parties in Portland by offering excellent fun-packed party options at highly affordable prices. You can choose from the various plans according to the size of your gathering and can even get add-ons as required.

Celebrate your kid’s birthday in the most entertaining way by choosing to organize Arty Parties. Call us now to book a party or get more information.

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