Find a Brand New Way to Host Birthday Parties in Portland for Children

Find a Brand New Way to Host Birthday Parties in Portland for Children


A birthday is a magical day in the life of children; it is a day of extra-pampering and fun for them. The days are made more special for them by hosting birthday parties with their friends. We all were young once, so we can remember the birthday parties that we hosted and attended during our school years.

No matter the amount of fun the parties were, the changing times have left them being redundant and boring for the modern digital generation that are smarter than the 3 of us combined. Modern children need something more than fun time to enjoy themselves; the need for mental engagement is the key to this generation and their thought process. The classical style of birthday parties has grown to be a bore for these kids, with their need for constant activity.

The need is fulfilled with the latest trends in activity-themed birthday parties. The children have a great time with this new mode of celebration as they get to enjoy culturing their hobbies among friends with the best provisions for them. The themed birthday parties are the latest in the birthday celebrations, as they offer kids an opportunity to develop interests from a young age and pursue them in coming times. The activity-themed birthdays are a combination of fun and learning; they usually offer equal amounts of time for the children to learn the activity and enjoy themselves by free-styling with friends.

The most beloved Birthday Parties in Portland have all share the same theme, and it is none other than Arts and crafts. The benefits of having an art and craft themed birthday can be shared as follows:

  • Exciting and Fresh Experience: The best part about art and craft birthday parties is that they are a fresh idea for the children and are a great way to help them channel their internal creativity to have a great time.
  • Time to Try Out New Techniques of Arts: With a professional art teacher to assist them, the children can learn a few new techniques of drawing, painting, crafting, and more. This adds to the fun learning aspect of the birthday party.
  • Exploring The Possibility Of Having Art and Craft As A Hobby: Children can express themselves completely with their art and hence apply their inborn talent in their work. Being a natural at arts is rare, and hence it can help them choose fine arts as a hobby for their childhood that could grow to be a great career in the future.


We can agree that we wish to find the best and most appealing birthday party for children and hence their likings and preferences should always be kept in mind. If your child is an artist and likes to create new pieces with their color box, an art-themed birthday party can become a memorable experience for him. If you seek the best art theme, Birthday Parties in Beaverton and Portland, then the famed Art World School is the best destination with their special birthday party programs for children of all ages.

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