Experiment Your Creativity in Our Art Camp in Tigard

Experiment Your Creativity in Our Art Camp in Tigard


Art World School is a reputed name if you are searching to join an art camp in Tigard. We help you understand art from fundamentals, such as pencil holding, book position, sitting posture, writing an image, and basic drawing step by step. In addition, we focus on teaching kids how to draw freehand, which helps their tiny fingers become more versatile. Accordingly, our skilled masters and well-trained faculty will give each child individual attention. Assess their abilities, and provide different teaching styles as required.

Art World School has announced admissions to its year art camp for children and youth. The camp has a design to concentrate on the student’s overall progress. Therefore, students will explore and experiment with their imaginative and communicative abilities due to the topics. In addition, the camp includes a lot of fun to ensure that the students have a positive learning experience.

About Art Camp in Tigard

We have lined up various art styles for the kids to explore this season to reclaim their creativity and passion for arts. Additionally, each art form has its unique narrative and alertness, which education artists specialize in and share. And what’s a camp without a good laugh or two? The Art World School camp consists of the amusing aspect in abundance, whether it is art or science books that children surround.

Art Camp in Tigard includes:

  1. Make Clay Masks – This summer, unmask some clay and have a good laugh with our clay class in Tigard. Kids will learn how to create ornamental and abstract masks to take home—starting with the basics of working with clay, wedging, and molding techniques.
  2. Calligraphy Classes – Learn how to create new fonts using our techniques and make new patterns easily. Aside from the beautiful fonts that emerge from compositions, this form of art often promotes consciousness, focus, and positivity.

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Choose from a variety of art programs designed to educate and inspire youth academically and athletically. Also, in our art school in Tigard, participants have an opportunity to push their education skills while making new friends and experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in our classes right now!

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