Celebrate your Kids Birthday Parties in a New Way – Art Birthday Parties

Celebrate your Kids Birthday Parties in a New Way – Art Birthday Parties


Do you remember your childhood birthday celebrations? You ate cake with gooey frosting, strung streamers throughout the basement, and peeked as you pinned the tail on the donkey. Instead of going to fancy meals this year, why not think of something fun and original to do with your kids?

Read this blog, to learn how you can make your kid’s birthday special with art themed birthday parties in Portland.

Art-Themed Kids’ Birthday Parties

Kids always find art to be enjoyable. They enjoy experimenting with color and developing their own style as artists.

Through painting, children may bring their imaginations to life by using colors. The white sheets resemble the lands they possess and use to cultivate their fantasies, which they then color green with various pigments.

Art themed birthday parties have recently gained momentum in Portland after one of the prime art schools in the region; Art World School started organizing them.

Why Art Parties are Successful?

Children’s holistic development is greatly influenced by their engagement in art. You can’t ignore the fact that art was one of your childhood favorites; it’s something that most children pursue as a passion.

The major goal of Art Parties is to give kids a happy setting where they may interact with their peers in a more relaxed setting.

Some of the top reasons to go for art parties in Portland are as follows:

  • It encourages creativity

The best way for kids to express their creativity and ideas is via art. Additionally, it promotes the synchronization of their minds and bodies and aids in improved problem-solving.

  • It’s a new and innovative idea

Art themed birthday parties is a unique idea and different from the usual parties. Through such birthday party you can give your kid and other kids of their age in the party a new way to communicate. It is a way for them to their imaginations to reality.

  • It’s filled with fun

Everyone can relax and have fun with art! According to studies, youngsters who are drawing or simply playing with colors have less anxiety. It makes people feel good, gives them a sense of accomplishment, and inspires them to create art again.

Art-themed Kids Birthday Party with Art World School

Art World School hosts the top kids birthday parties in Portland. Children are free to have fun and express their imaginations through art and color at our Arty Kids birthday party.

We supply all the necessary supplies (drawing paper, paint, and much more) so that your children can unleash their inner Picassos. They are free to be messy on this day without fear!

A party supervisor will oversee everything so you can unwind and perhaps try your hand at some coloring. We will greet your child and the guests with a sizable birthday banner, balloons, and decorations.

Give your kids a colorful birthday celebration in a well-monitored setting.

To choose a plan and reserve an unforgettable party for your children that will leave them with memories, get in touch with us today.


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