Celebrate Kids’ Birthday – Arty Birthday Parties in Portland and Beaverton

Celebrate Kids’ Birthday – Arty Birthday Parties in Portland and Beaverton


Birthday Parties in Portland and Beaverton

What’s cooking inside your head for the upcoming birthday party of your kid? Definitely not a boring meetup. Birthday marks the most special day for you and your kids. Leave the family meetups for the night and organize Arty Birthday Parties in Portland and Beaverton with Art World School.

Attention Party Planners

Birthday Parties are outdated; it’s time for Arty Parties. Gather your attention and listen to this exciting surprise party plan for your kid’s birthday. Kids and colors are two inseparable things, better to say, the best friends.

We provide parents with the option to organize unique and colorful Arty Birthday Parties in Poland and Beaverton. You can invite your guests to the venue and let the kids have the best time drawing and painting their dreams.

Arty Parties for Little Artists

You can’t deny kids’ love for art and painting.

Presenting a new approach to celebrating the special day of the year, Art World School offers the unique option of Arty Birthday Parties in Beaverton and Portland.

Get on the floor and enjoy drawing along with your kid and the guests. Spend the day with your kids and let them enjoy coloring the best day of their lives.

What’s Included?

Get ready; the party is about to get real. Celebrate the special birthday moments of your kid in a distinct way and create memories forever.

Let your young artists have a party blast with colors and art activities all included in the party plan. Kids can reach beyond the infinite in their imaginations, and art is the best mode to bring their crazy thoughts into this real world.

We provide a full supply of colors and other art materials for the super creative kids attending the party. The Freebies include Balloons, a Birthday Banner, plus a party favor for each guest.


Creative celebrations come at exciting prices here. Art World School has four different plans for Birthday Parties in Portland and Beaverton that include different activities.

The price starts from $275 for a gathering of 15 students. The starting plan includes 1 hour Arts & Crafts or Fine Art Class and 1 Hour Free Play Time. You can also choose to invite more than 15 guests by paying $10 per head.

Fun Awaits

Every child is an artist and the creator of their fantasy world. Art is the best medium for kids to convey their inexpressible thoughts. Kids have a special affection towards art, and the weekly art classes don’t offer them enough space to live up to their fantasies.

Art World School has the most interactive after-school art classes that keep the kids engaged in something productive. With a rocking facility for Birthday Parties in Portland and Beaverton, we bring you the most exciting party plans for your kids.

Are you the one who plans the birthday party of your kids? Call us now to know or book a birthday party for your kid. Click here to get more information about the plans and pricing.

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