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Unbelievable Benefit of Art Classes in Portland for Kids

A significant focus on common core subjects has been exhibited in your child’s educational curriculum in recent years. These courses are essential to allowing your child to excel and
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4 Primary Benefits of After School Program in Portland to Enrich Your Children’s Life

When children are not going to school, they engage in activities that aren’t as enriching as a planned program. But, enrolling children in an effective after-school program will help
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Online Art Classes
March 15, 2021

Thank you to the State Fish Art Contest

Thank you to the State Fish Art Contest for sharing our fine art student Saketh’s entry to this year’s fish contest! Art World Students participate in this wonderful art
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Reasons to Enroll Your Child into the Best Summer Camps

One of the best activities for your child to do this summer is to attend a summer camp. Summer Camp is the best and unique opportunity where kids come
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Importance of Art Classes for Kids and Adults

The Art in education is losing its essence. Schools have shifted their focus more on technical knowledge, and students are deprived of art education. While most schools are following
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Finding the Perfect After School Program in Portland Can Help Your Child

A high-quality after-school program promotes positive development and offers a safe space where children can explore their potential. It enhances social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development, reduces risky behaviors,
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Exciting Benefits of Summer Camps in Portland

Summers are coming to knock on the doors of the weather. For kids, the best thing about summers is the summer camp. Summer camps in Portland organized by Art
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Animating a child’s creative intellect with leading Fine Art Classes in Portland

Childhood is the time of wonder and frolic when young minds are pure and unbound to grow and experience the many things with their own fantastic perspective; at this
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Beating The Heat With The Coolest Summer Camp

Summer is the time of lemonade and ice cream that bring the cool to beat the harsh weather; the weather also forces the children to stay inside in the
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