Best Idea for Kids’ Birthday Parties – Arty Parties

Best Idea for Kids’ Birthday Parties – Arty Parties


What are your plans for your kid’s birthday? A fun trip to the theme park or a warm family gathering can be your options if you want to stick to the old tradition. Want to know what’s trending? – “Arty Birthday Parties.”

Art Parties for Kids’ Birthdays

Art is always a fun thing for kids. They love to play around with colors and become artists in their own world of creativity.

Kids use colors to blow life to their imaginations through art. The white sheets are like the lands they own and use to grow their fantasies and paint them green using different kinds of colors.

The concept of the Art theme of Kids Birthday Parties in Portland gained momentum in the recent time when Art World School started organizing such parties.

These parties are a unique addition to your kids’ birthday celebrations and allow them to spend valuable time with you and their peers, creating masterpieces of art.

Why Art Parties?

Art plays a significant role in the holistic development of kids. Most kids pursue a love for art, and you can’t deny the fact that it was one of your favorite things, too, as a kid.

The main purpose of Art Parties is to provide a cheerful place for kids to socialize with their peers in a more free environment.

Some of the top reasons for choosing to organize Arty Birthday Party for kids are –

  • It encourages creativity
  • It’s an innovative idea
  • It’s full of fun

Party Different

Kids Birthday Parties in Portland, organized by Art Word School, are a synonym for fun. The parties are centered around interesting art activities.

The number one Art School in Portland, Art World School, organizes incredible art Parties and keeps the supply of colors and other art materials on throughout the party.

You’ll find it very interesting when your kids are using almost every color to create their best art.

We provide a very casual and pressure-free environment to the kids, and our extremely clean art studios with proper support staff make you feel so relaxed till the end of the party.

The venue is also decorated with balloons, and a large HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner is also placed over the wall.

Different Plans

Our plans for kids’ birthday parties in Portland begin from $275 and go up to $399 for a gathering of 15 people.

More plans are also available for increased gatherings, plus there is an option to add more members to the party for a fixed charge per head.

Check out to our website to get the details about our plans.

Art Parties Are the Best at Art World School

Choose a different way to surprise your kid on their birthday by going with the concept of Arty Parties.

Let your kids enjoy their birthdays full of colors in a safe and supervised environment.

Contact us to pick a plan and book an amazing party for your little ones, a party that’ll leave them with memories.

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