Ask the Staff These 5 Questions for your Kid’s After School Program

Ask the Staff These 5 Questions for your Kid’s After School Program


Today’s after school programs are innovative, exciting extensions of the school day rather than just a safe place for kids to go after school. Additionally, they are suitable for youngsters’ academic performance. Children who participate in after-school activities behave better in class, finish more homework, and maintain better attendance than children who do not.

Read the blog to note these five questions that you, as a parent, should ask the staff of an after school program in Portland before enrolling your kid in one.

5 Questions to Ask for your Kid’s After School Program

The advantages of an after school program go beyond the classroom. Several programs aid in developing 21st Century skills in children, including problem-solving, communication, and socialization.

Here are five questions to ask when you organize your child’s schedule for the following school year before you sign up

1. Does it Pass the Curriculum Check?

Pay close attention to what you initially think. It’s probably an excellent program if you feel good when you come, the kids are happy, and the staff is kind and enthusiastic about what they do.

Stop by for at least one class; even a brief visit will give you an excellent impression of how well the curriculum might suit your child. In the circumstances like this, your gut feelings are frequently correct.

2. Are the Basics Covered?

Safety should always come first, of course. Inquire about drop-off regulations, emergency protocols, and building security. Additionally, ask about the staff-to-student ratios; the maximum ratio should be one leader for every 15 kids.

Lastly, inquire about the program’s utilization of space. Is there time for supervised play in the gym or on the playground? An after school program in Portland must cover these basic amenities to offer your child the best experience.

3. Who Will Work With My Child?

The staff is a crucial indicator of a professional after school program in Portland. The personnel should be knowledgeable about children’s developmental requirements and have experience in either education or child development.

Ask about the credentials and training of the employees. How are teachings planned? How do they handle discipline and conduct in the classroom?

4. How does the Program connect with the School?

An excellent program will foster academic skills without feeling like school. After school programs take pleasure in providing engaging, hands-on learning opportunities that are tied to the academic work that children complete during the school day and don’t feel like extra work.

Increased possibilities for tutoring, homework assistance, or project-based learning that augments the school’s curriculum might all be examples of the relationship with the school. Find out how the program interacts with instructors and how it fits into the school’s curriculum.

5. Does it Fit the Schedule?

The after school program should work with your family’s schedule and time needs. For instance, if your work schedule is unpredictable, the program should let you pick up your child at a different time every day.

Additionally, the program’s price should be within your means. Ask about financial help or sliding scale for tuition if you first find that you cannot afford the program.

Choose the Best After School Program in Portland

Parents need to get their kids involved and participate in productive recreational activities after school hours. After school programs aid parents in fulfilling this need. However, ensure that you ask these questions to resolve any present doubts or future misunderstandings before registering for the program.

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