Arty Birthday Parties for Kids – A Unique Way to Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays

Arty Birthday Parties for Kids – A Unique Way to Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays


Traditional birthday parties don’t excite the kids anymore. It’s time for you to brainstorm some new party ideas for your kids and make their birthday more joyful. Want to organize unique birthday parties in Portland for your kids?

There’s one way to make the special day for your kids more exciting and entertaining. WHAT IS IT?


Art parties are the best way to let creative young minds find enough space to color the world for their own pay. These parties offer the kids open access to the best color palette and ceramics that increase their fun.

These parties differ from the regular sports and bounce parties and allow the kids to join the strings of their fantasy to the real world.

It is obvious from the term; Art Parties would involve colors, not just colors, a lot of colors and other ceramic art elements. The Art Birthday Parties in Portland, organized by Art World School, are focused on adding the most crafty and colorful day to the lives of kids.

Arty Parties – Setting the Difference

Kids with colors are no less than artists. And the art parties are not about drawing an expert portrait on a plain canvas.

Art plays a crucial role in the holistic development of kids, and you can not deny the massive benefits of Art for kids.

3 Key Benefits of Art for Kids –

  • Improves Motor Skills:

Art is a responsible and important attribute in improving the motor skills of kids. Gripping the paintbrush, mixing colors, using scissors, drawing dots and lines all concentrates on raising the kids with better motor skills.

  • Makes Them Creative:

Kids need space to run their minds in different dimensions, and Art is the only way to ensure that they get to feel a closer connection between their imagination and reality. It makes them more creative and capable of expressing their thoughts to the world.

  • Makes Them Better In Making Decisions:

Art is not about reaching a conclusion. It is an open-ended process that involves a lot of decisions making and second-guessing. This way, Art turns the kids into better decision-makers.

Arty Parties = Immense Fun

Undoubtedly, Art Parties are the best option for kids’ birthdays. It is fun to watch little kids roaming with art aprons playing with colors, and putting their imagination on the drawing sheets.

We provide four plans for Art Birthday Parties in Portland –

  • Plan A – Arts & Crafts or Fine Art Class & 1 Hour Free Play Time
  • Plan B – 1 Hour Clay Class & 1 Hour Free Play Time
  • Plan C – 1 Hour Free Play Time and 1 Hour Acrylic Painting on Canvas Class
  • Plan D – 2 Hours of class time with any 1 or 2 projects of choice

All the party plans mentioned above are for duration of two hours. Click here to get more details about the various party plans.

Best Arty Birthday Parties in Portland – Art World School

Keep the outdated birthday party ideas for your kids’ special day. Choose an Arty party theme for the young ones for their coming birthdays with Art World School.


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