Art World School Students Participate in 2023 La Strada Dei Pastelli Chalk Festival

Art World School Students Participate in 2023 La Strada Dei Pastelli Chalk Festival


On Saturday July 15th, 2023, 20 Art World School students completed a collaborative 10×10 ft art piece for the 2023 La Strada Dei Pastelli Chalk Festival. For this year’s theme “Creative Critters”, Art World School students ages 4 – 14 each completed their own critter with chalk pastels in the overall design with Art World School’s iconic logo of a colorful earth and sun. Students all practiced their part of the overall design in Art World School’s special workshop for the event as well as their weekly fine art classes at Art World School.

Art World School Director Mimi Yan and four other teachers supervised students at the chalk festival. Parents and family members of the students also supported them by being there, and everyone was able to enjoy the rest of the festival as well after the artwork was completed. Art World School students were proud to showcase their artwork to the community through this collaborative piece and many viewers took photos as well as praised them for their work in the chalk festival.

This is the first year in which children are able to participate in the chalk festival as chalk artists. In all previous years of this annual event, only adults were able to complete art pieces as chalk artists in the festival. Art World School students are very honored to have been invited as the first child artists, and to have this opportunity to demonstrate the art skills they developed through class at Art World School. Students in Art World School’s Fine Art Program, No School Day Camps, and After School program participated to experience creating art together in this annual event.

 Art World School students used soft pastels, which they have practiced using during fine art classes at Art World School. Blick Art Materials sponsored the soft pastels in which the students used during this event, in support of Art World School’s participation and contribution to the community. Art World School students practiced their portion of the collaborative piece at home as well to become fully prepared to perform and finish their art pieces at the chalk festival.            

Art World School looks forward to organizing more workshops, special events, and opportunities for students to participate in to further their appreciation of art. The school also strives to always find more opportunities for students to practice and further their art skills. This is one of the reasons that Art World School remains one of the leading art schools in Oregon and separates Art World School from other art schools.

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