Art World School Student Wins School Art Award!

Art World School Student Wins School Art Award!


Melisa Aslan, a student at the German International School of Portland, has recently been presented with an Award for Best Art and Sculpture by her school. Melisa has been taking Fine Art classes at Art World School for a few years now, and we are delighted to share that her art education has been proving successful both in our school and out.

Melisa has taken classes at Art World School’s No School Day Camps and Fine Art Program and worked with various mediums. She has been taking more private classes with Art World School director Mimi Yan to further her skills in drawing and painting. Art World School director Mimi Yan teaches both group and private one-on-one or 1 hour 2 student classes at the school for students who want to learn more advanced drawing and painting skills, as well as prepare art portfolios or participate in art competitions. She works closely with each student to teach them projects that suit their own interests as well as level, to make sure they are always improving while developing their interest in fine art. She also trains other teachers, monitors all art classes, and supervises on a daily basis.

Multiple Art World School students have won art competitions in their own school as well as on a state, national, and international basis this year. We are happy to see them utilize the art skills they developed at our school on other projects, as well as art competitions which Art World School director Mimi Yan guided them through.

Congratulations again to Melisa and we look forward to seeing more Art World School student accomplishments as well as personal growth!

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