Art World School Student Winners in 2023 State Fish Art Contest

Art World School Student Winners in 2023 State Fish Art Contest


Art World School students win again in the annual State Fish Art Contest organized by Wildlife Forever. This year, 6 Art World School Students place in the art contest and here is the lineup of winners:

1st Place – Samyuktha Injeti

                – Arjun Ragam

1st Place - Samyuktha Injeti

2nd Place – Rajanya Paul

                 – Nia Klein 

2nd Place - Rajanya Paul

3rd Place – Jiyul Chung

                – Signey Lillevik

3rd Place Winners

The full list of winners and photos of their artwork can be found on the Wildlife Forever’s website:   2023 Winners – Wildlife Forever

Art World School students from the school’s Fine Art Program, Online Art Program, After School Program, Summer camp and other No School Day Camps completed entries for participation in the State Fish Art Contest. Students who attended group classes or one-on-one classes worked on their entries with various fine art mediums, under the instruction of Art World School director Mimi Yan and other teachers for their entries. Students used watercolor, acrylic paint, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, markers, oil pastels, and watercolor pencils on different types of paper or canvas for their artwork.

Art World School teachers guided students in researching the state fish they chose for their artwork and finding references to render the fishes accurately. Art World School director Mimi Yan helped every student start their artwork with designs for the composition and sketches of the fish for practice. She then helps students finalize their drawings and students work on finishing their artwork in group or one-on-one classes at Art World School. Mimi always checks on every entry to make sure students worked on them to the best of their ability and include as much detail as possible, so that each student can do the best they can in the art contest and be competitive amongst other entries. It is through this kind of individual instruction and feedback for each student, attention to every detail, and dedication to achieving the best they can, that has helped Art World School achieve success year after year with their student entries for both state and national art competitions. Congratulations to all Art World School students who participated and placed in this year’s State Fish Art Contest! Art World School will continue to strive in helping students participate in various competitions so that they can not only gain achievements but also learn and develop their skills further through the process.

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