Art World School Partnership with Warner Bros on Art Class for Upcoming Movie


Art World School Partnership with Warner Bros on Art Class for FANTASTIC BEASTS: SECRETS OF DUMBLEDORE

On 4/3/22 and 4/4/22 Art World School held art classes for students to create artwork to celebrate the release of FANTASTIC BEASTS: SECRETS OF DUMBLEDORE in partnership with Warner Bros. Around a hundred Art World School students completed artwork with various mediums such as sketching pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, watercolor painting, and acrylic painting depicting the theme of the upcoming movie. Art World School students who participated were invited to the advanced screening of the movie and given promotional items by Warner Bros. Group and individual photos of Art World School students and their artwork from the classes were taken by a professional photographer.

This was an exciting event for Art World School students, as the students who participated are all fans of Fantastic Beasts as well as the world of Harry Potter. Students were able to express their love for the stories with their art skills and sense of creativity developed from their professional training at Art World School. Art World School teachers were able to teach students more skills through guiding them to replicate the Fantastic Beasts in the movies, characters in Harry Potter, or creating their own Fantastic Beasts. Through this event, students were able to combine their love of the wizarding world, fantasy, movies, and art.

Art World School Beaverton and Portland Fine Art Program students and Beaverton Portland After School Program students were all able to participate in this event. Art World School beginner, intermediate, and advanced art classes in the Portland and Beaverton areas are able to help students build a solid foundation in art to help them understand how to use different mediums to create the art they always wanted to create.

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