Art World School Hillsboro

Art World School Hillsboro

Join Art World School for Summer Camp Programs in Hillsboro

Summer camps from Art World School in City Hillsboro will keep you close to home this summer. There’s something for every kid, including low-cost summer camp programs in Hillsboro that keep kid’s active and learning when they’re not in school. Summer camp is within reach of any family, thanks to a range of schedules, activities, and costs. More sports and art mini-camps are still being added, so keep an eye on this website. Make your decision right now!

All programs are safe and secure keeping the protection of the participants in mind. Therefore, we follow all specified covid protocol according to the government guidelines. Visit our website for additional details. Become a member of the Art World School camp and enjoy a summer that you will never forget!

With Art World School in Hillsboro, You Will Have Expert by Your Side

We understand that each child learns in their unique way, and we encourage children to learn through doing, seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and, at times, tasting! Our comprehensive, student-directed approach allows learning to emerge from the student’s natural passions and interests. Campers are also encouraged to express themselves through art, poetry, skits, and environmental activism. In addition, we allow children to learn skills and crafts that help them develop competence and self-reliance in the outdoors.

Each art camp in Hillsboro, taught by our skilled educators, encourages children to study, play, and make friends in their true self, taking them on an unforgettable journey. Through teamwork, we establish a culture of care and respect for each other. So come learn and play this summer at Art World School!

We provide Unique Art Programs

While learning, your child will have a good time. The summer camp programs in Hillsboro for children at Art World School built on unique programmes. Each programme offers a distinct and targeted curriculum, which helps us provide children with new and exciting chances for development and learning. Clay modelling, art projects, daily awards and challenges, unique events, collaboration, culture, community awareness, and character building are just a few of the program’s components. Here at Art World School, we take pride in selecting active, caring, experienced individuals for all our programs. So, to know more about us, call us now at: 503-590-5518.

For students in Hillsboro, we offer the all of the same programs located at Art World School on 18335 NW West Union Rd, Suite 5-E, Hillsboro, OR 97229. Students from the public and private schools in the Hillsboro School District can take our in person or online art classes, after school program with pick-up from select schools, weekday and evening classes for all ages. Students can also participate in many state, national, and international art competitions. All students are also welcome to participate in our annual art shows at the Hillsboro Art Museum, Washington Square Mall, and more! Please learn more about our different classes and programs by clicking on the selections below.

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