Art World School & Beaverton School District’s Camp Achieve


Last Saturday, Art World School teachers celebrate the successful completion of the Art World School program in the Beaverton School District Camp Achieve this July. Art World School held Fine Art, Clay, Calligraphy, Arts & Craft, and mixed media classes in Beaverton School District’s camp achieve from July 6-29. Art World School classes were held every day of Camp Achieve in all the elementary schools in the Beaverton School District. Camp Achieve students were able to make fun and exciting projects such painting Van Gogh, making Koi Fish kites, origami folding, watercolor painting and calligraphy, Ted Harrison mosaics, pastel drawing, hand built clay as well as clay modeling, and more! The successful student projects show the hard work and dedication of Art World School’s professional teachers. Art World School teachers were able to inspire students in the Beaverton School district and bring them into the art in Art World School, help them build important skill sets in art, and bring out the creativity in them through Art World School’s classes at Camp Achieve! Art World School looks forward to continue serving students of the Beaverton School district and cultivate budding artists!

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