Art World School’s 2023 Student Art Show at the Portland Art Museum!

Art World School’s 2023 Student Art Show at the Portland Art Museum!


On Sunday, September 24th, we here at Art World School held our yearly Student Art Show in collaboration with the Portland Art Museum. The turnout was spectacular, with a great number of our talented and hard-working artists turning up to display their impressive (and often Award Winning) work to each other and their families.

Students of all ages had their work displayed, with children as young as 4 and as old as 15 presenting the work they created in our Fine Arts Program, After School Programs, and Camps. To ensure that their work was ready to present to their peers, Art World School’s Director Mimi Yan worked with each student to select the best works from their portfolios for showing; If needed those students would also attend either a 90-minute group class or one-on-one class to revise and smooth any rough edges on their pieces.

After giving our attendees time to admire the hard work of our students, we held the Certificate Presentation Ceremony. Each student was given a certificate signed by the curator of the Portland Art Museum as a testament to their hard work and dedication, and the Art World School teachers were presented with bouquets for their essential parts in our Fine Arts programs, After School program, and Camps. Once the attendees were gathered for a few group photos commemorating the occasion, our teachers hosted free activities for attendees to do some guided Art Activities.

At booths on the side of the hall, our teachers helped to direct and showcase the creative talents of Art World School’s students, as well as giving opportunities for siblings to explore their own artistic passions. These took the form of a booth for making Origami and Kites, a booth for making Watercolor pieces with Calligraphy, and a booth for making illustrated bookmarks.

Attendees also received discounted entrance tickets to the Portland Art Museum, as well as the opportunity to sell prints of their art to the public. We only had one student selling their art this time around, so we hope to see more students in the future explore the possibilities of making prints to sell at future events!

As the day wound down, our students were given one last opportunity to peruse the hard work of their peers to find inspiration or motivation for their future classes at Art World School, before carefully removing their art from the display to be taken home. We thank all students who attended that Sunday, whether you had work on display, and hope to see all our students and more next year!

Thank you for your hard work and passion and keep making art!

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