Are Fine Art Programs the Shining Armor of Today’s Generation?

Are Fine Art Programs the Shining Armor of Today’s Generation?


“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things but their inwards significance.”- Aristotle has briefly and distinctly put everything that we need today.

No, arts don’t answer all the questions that the parents and students have been asking and struggling with the ongoing learning system. But, art does give perspective to the young and bright minds.

Why fine arts program is the next “it” thing?

Various research has shown a direct correlation of effective art education to academic intelligence, social and emotional enhancement, and improved cognitive performance. Fine arts programs have gone above and beyond basic clay modeling, sketching, painting, and refining basic artistic skills. The innovation adopted by an art school in Portland has evolved to ingrain critical life skill sets like:

  • Problem Solving Aptitude
  • Inventor Mindset
  • Critical Thinking
  • Active Communication
  • Liberal Self-Expression
  • Boost In Self Confidence

Indulging in fine arts gives the students an open and accessible space to make mistakes and beautify them with limitless creativity. It becomes an escape from the intense never-ending competition they face in school and at home on a daily basis. The pandemic-induced global lockdown inflicted enough damage on young minds. Their prime years of growth were curbed inside the four walls of their homes. Their mental stimulation and social interaction were reduced to zero levels.

The way educational institutions dealt with the gap was to increase the hours and emphasis on science and maths. The art education aspect started slipping into the backseat.

Fine Arts Bridging the Gap in Academic and Personality Development

Art schools in Portland took the steering wheel to do some timely damage control. Intelligently drafted curriculums supported new learning models that connected arts education to implement academic concepts through real-life experiences. The Fine Arts program became a tool to encourage students’ participation in the learning process.

There was a reason art education was made a mandatory prospect in the school curriculum. Bringing that vision to life, however, is another story. Efforts are being made at every level to revive the spirit. Fun activities in an encouraging environment push students to channel their inner artists and work on their ideas. Something that is beginning to stand out as the dire need of today. Self-belief in their creativity and ideas and the confidence to shape it into something of significant importance.

The fine arts program bring together different culture and their5 distinct art forms in one place. Students learn about the diversity around them. They develop a mature understanding and tolerance and global citizens, making them rightfully equipped for the competition they will eventually face on a larger scale.

Hands-on Learning and Real Life Experience

Another non -negotiable perk of fine art classes is stepping out of books and theory to gain real-life experience. The purpose of giving it such an angle is the dire need to prepare our students for jobs, global citizens, and empathetic human beings that take their community to the pinnacle of civilization.

Art World School in Portland and Beaverton is a recognized institution established in 1997 in Portland. They have expanded and reached many young lives with their innovative holistic growth-oriented approach. Their Fine Art Program is well-balanced incompetency and is famous among students and parents.

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