An exciting Summer Camp makes a huge impact

An exciting Summer Camp makes a huge impact


Summers are a period of enjoyment and frolic among children with no school for almost three months with an excellent time to hang out with their friends. To make summers more productive and exciting for children, summer camps are the best method to use the time in a better manner and devote them to something productive.

Summer camps are a good place to begin several beneficial extra-curricular activities that develop social, mental, and physical abilities and allow the children to learn essential life skills with a number of specializations that are very career-boosting in the future.

The importance of any Summer Camp in the life of a child can be defined by some common points:

  1. Develops the interest of the child: Young children are taught basics of all the subjects in school to enhance their general knowledge; specialized summer camp focuses on teaching the children the skills for one particular discipline that allow them to develop an interest in such subjects at an early stage thus augmenting better career selection skill as they grow up.
  2. Creates a strong foundation of skill-learning: Summer camps teach unique skills to children such as art, painting, sculpturing, and many more. This skill stays with the children life-long and makes it easier to learn new skills as they grow up.
  3. Allows to develop character-building traits: Summer camps engage children in a number of individual and group activities that help to develop some important personality traits such as:
    • Good Communication Skills
    • Strong self-confident outlook
    • Sharing and good social behavior
    • Leadership skills in a group
  4. Bonding activities help to make new friends: Camps allow for the development of new friendships among all the participants with a number of group activities and bonding sessions, and much more.
  5. Teaches independent thinking: All the children in summer are away from the protected environment of their homes; this allows them to learn independence personally, even though under supervision still enhances the child’s ability of independent action.
  6. Develops a sense of creativity: Childhood is the most period most creative thought in a lifetime, summer camps allow the children a platform to develop and use their inner creativity in various activities, the maximum growth is seen with art camps that teach methods of expressing creativity in the form paintings, sculptures and other fine arts forms.

These things make summer camps an unavoidable benefit and ideal use of the summer break time for children of all ages.


To sum up, ensuring maximum benefit of a summer camp its selection must be made with great care, it requires the parents and the child to understand the various kinds of camps available in their vicinity. If the child has an initial inclination to a field, then that should be a preferred option.

For individuals looking for any arts-based Summer Camp in Portland should consider Art World School’s summer camps that ensure overall skill development of children by providing holistic learning in all kinds of fine arts disciplines.

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