All You Need for an Exciting Art-Themed Birthday Parties in Portland

All You Need for an Exciting Art-Themed Birthday Parties in Portland


Do you remember your childhood birthday celebrations?
You decorated the basement with streamers, ate cake with sticky frosting, and peeked when you pinned the tail on the donkey. Why not plan something cool and unique for your child this year and have some traditional fun instead of attending flashy dinners? Read on to learn their insider tips for throwing spectacular art-themed birthday parties in Portland.

Pick a theme.

The planning of an art birthday party in Portland is simple once you have a theme in mind. Try these suggestions or start with your child’s interests:

Ages 3-5

Infinite possibilities exist with bugs, butterflies, and bubbles.

Children can blow bubbles, eat gummy worms, and construct caterpillars out of egg cartons. Drawing, painting without any pressure of perfection with all your friends really brings out the best in you.

Ages 6-8

Harry Potter, pirate, or princess parties are a must. You can hold fun contests and activities in such exciting themes that involve drawing, 3D art and craft, clay models, and more. If you’re hosting art-themed birthday parties in Portland, you might as well make the most of what you got.

Say YES to the Home-Made Invitations

Understand numbers

Remember the rule of thumb for invitations that read “your child’s age equals the number of guests”? Please ignore it.

To play games and gather around a table, Gibson advises having a sufficient number of children. Consider eight to ten visitors for pre-schoolers. Do remember that some parents will keep their children near the party’s side. A lot of school-aged children invite every male or every girl into their class.

Nonetheless, if you have the right place and hosting partner for an art birthday party in Portland, things get easier to manage and bring together.

Fun Artsy Games and Ideas of Kid’s Birthday parties in Portland, The Artist Edition

  1. Popsicle Paints
  2. Cupcake Liner flower
  3. Clay Models
  4. Sock Caterpillars
  5. Patchwork Houses
  6. Paper Crowns
  7. Clothespin people
  8. Dreamcatchers
  9. Paper Bag stars
  10. Pom-Pom Necklaces
  11. Washi Tape Butterflies
  12. Paper Pinwheels
  13. Cardboard Box Cake
  14. Birthday Child Name Banner
  15. Cardboard Names
  16. Rainbow Collage
  17. Cardboard sweets
  18. Painted Cake
  19. Painting Pumpkins
  20. Gingerbread houses
  21. Wire & Beaded Ornaments
  • Extra Tips:

For the 4-8 age group, select very ambiguous arts and crafts where there are no right or wrong answers. They should already possess all the necessary abilities, preventing the need for additional instruction and ensuring low levels of irritation while they are essentially just playing. After all, it’s a kid’s birthday party Portland, and all they really want to do is play.

Permit them to enter and exit at will. Young children enjoy returning to things, so be patient with them.

You can use phrases like “add two more colours” or “add five more collage pieces” to urge them to stay a bit longer.

But occasionally, a kid is simply done.

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