A Parent’s Guide to Find The Perfect Summer Camp

A Parent’s Guide to Find The Perfect Summer Camp


Can we blame the kids for wanting to let go and stay miles apart from their books during their summertime? How vigilant were we as kids towards learning and upgrading academia during summers? Well, we all know the answer to that one. Don’t we? However, Summer Camps have proven to be an excellent solution for a productive and fun summer. Children need engaging and mentally stimulating activities more than ever after the pandemic period.

Specialized camps and classes within a Summer Camp have been a massive hit over the years now. More and more children and their parents are committed to growing their slightest interest and passion into something bigger. A refreshing change might we add.

Choosing an ideal Summer Camp, making necessary arrangements for their commute, safety, and pre-requisites for the camp can be a challenging task for parents, especially young parents. Thoughtful and strategic planning can help reduce this stress by loads.

Here, we put forward some basic yet vital pointers to consider for all the parents.

  • Stay updated on registration dates. 

Following blogs, articles, forums and being a part of a local parent’s community nearby can help you stay updated on registration dates for the Summer Camp you want. Remember, the fastest filling seats are the camps near the start of the break and camps just a week before the opening of schools.

  • Check Out the Schedule and Itinerary.

Don’t miss out on the little details when checking for the schedule and itinerary of different Summer Camps. Make sure you book the camp your kids want, the activities and other shenanigans they will take voluntary interest in, and what adds value to them. Breaking your budget according to these camps and preparing a backup is also a smart move.

–         Indoor or Outdoor Summer Camps- Chose Wisely.

Everyone has a preference between outdoors and indoors. Incorporating these preferences into your choice for a practical Summer Camp is crucial. Check for the air quality and safety measures the organizers take before making your pick on a campsite.

Of course, the child’s preference and your vision for the kind of recreational activities you would also like a factor in majorly into this decision.

–         Communicate and Coordinate with Fellow Parents in Community.

It’s always better to be connected with other parents and enrol the kids with their buddies in the same summer program. You can divide transportation duties, share your calendars, and chat about the areas of improvement and efficiency of concerned programs.

–         Take your Kids Opinions into Consideration

Always include your kid’s opinion into proper consideration before you finalize anything. Especially if you have teens or tweens, including them in decision making becomes mandatory.

Planning for a Summer Camp in Portland can be exhausting with so many options and cutting edge competition. Prior planning and innovative executions make the whole process smooth. You can always find the leading fine arts summer camp program with Art World School.

While also stealing you some me-time and relaxing hours during summer, as the young leaders develop skillsets for life and precious memories to count forever.

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