A New Fun Way to Celebrate Kids’ Birthday Parties in Portland

A New Fun Way to Celebrate Kids’ Birthday Parties in Portland


Birthdays instantly relate to fun, party, and celebrations; when it’s a kid’s birthday, the excitement is doubled.
Planning for your kids’ birthday celebrations can sometimes be challenging, given that these little tots always want something new. If you are stuck in the same situation, we bring you the latest party idea to make this special day worth remembering – Art themed Kids’ Birthday Parties in Portland.

Birthday Parties in Portland are Now Different

Arty birthday parties in Portland make your little one’s birthday a little more special. The theme of these parties is centered upon art, after all kids love drawing and a bunch of colors to play with.

Why should you Chose Art?

Give a kid some colors, and a white sheet of paper, and you will have your answer. Art and drawing bring out the best and farthest imaginations of the young ones.
Beyond an activity kids love to do art has some unique and positive effects on kids.

• Art stimulates creativity

Art is the best way for kids to bring their creativity and thoughts to life. It also stimulates their mind and body synchronization and helps them in better problem-solving.

• A way to communicate

Have you ever looked at what your kids draw closely? You will notice that every scribble or drawing has a meaning for them. It is a way for them to communicate with the world and bring their imaginations to reality.

• Art Provides Rest, Relaxation, and Reward

Art is a way to relax for everyone! Researches show a decrease in anxiety levels among children while they are drawing or simply playing with colors. It helps them feel good and walk away with a sense of accomplishment and motivation to create art again.

What is an Arty Party?

An Arty Party as would define it is a way for your kids to let their imaginations flow with colors and celebrate their special day with balloons and decorations along with their loved ones.

Arty Kids’ Birthday Party in Portland by Art World School

Art World School organizes the best birthday parties for kids in Portland. Our Arty kids; birthday party allows kids to enjoy themselves without restrictions and bring out their imaginations through art and colors.
We provide all the materials required (drawing sheets, colors, and much more) for your kids to let their inner Picassos out. It is a day when they can be messy without any worries!
A supervisor and teacher will manage the entire party so you can relax and maybe try your hand at some colors as well. Your kid and the guests will be welcomed with a huge birthday banner, balloons, and decorations from our side.

Give your kid a day to remember with the best kids’ birthday party idea in Poland. Call us now to know about other details.

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