5 Ways to Throw a Budgeted Kid – Art World School

5 Ways to Throw a Budgeted Kid – Art World School


Your child is turning a year older! Start planning their Birthday today. In this blog, find out 5 of the best ways to make your kid’s birthday party in Beaverton a hit.

Plan your Kids Birthday Party

Birthdays are special for every kid. They love the excitement, fun, and gifts that birthdays bring with them. It is best for you as a parent to plan for their special day if you want to make it one they will never forget.

Everyone loves going to birthday parties in Portland, but they must be well thought out and fun. The following points will help you organize your kids’ birthday party within a budget.

5 Ways to cut Cost for a Kid’s Birthday Party

1. Send Digital Invitations

In this era of digitalization, ditch the old way of sending invites on paper. Digital invites are a great way to save time and money. Where an average paper card would cost $20 to $50, you can find websites to create digital invites from low to absolutely free of cost.

You can choose a design that suits your style or the party’s theme. Also, sending invites digitally would save you time, whereas sending paper invites through the mail is a longer process.

2. Create a Theme

You can throw a birthday party centered on a particular theme. It is a great way to create a vibe for the special occasion. Kids love personalized art and crafts. You can throw an art-themed birthday party where kids would paint and let their imaginations flow.

All children love to be carefree, and colors are a great way to let them loose. You can take a backseat and relax while they are busy creating their own masterpieces.

3. Order Online

With a bunch of fantastic options, the internet could be of great use for you to order supplies for your kids’ birthday party. Ecommerce websites allow you to browse through ample options, compare prices, and choose the one that fits best within your budget.

You will also be saved from going to market for purchases and focus on other tasks.

4. Bake a Cake

As easy as it is to order a cake from a bakery near you, a great way to add a personal touch is baking the cake at home. A homemade cake would cost you around $18 to $25, and you can also be sure of the hygiene.

If you need to learn how to bake a cake, YouTube is your go-to place. There are plenty of videos for you to simply learn how to make a cake at home.

5. Plan No-Cost Activities

Kids can find fun in literally anything. Plan for activities and games like freeze dance, charades, or musical chares to make your kids’ birthday party more entertaining. All these games require no extra cost or effort and are simple and entertaining for all kids.

You can also arrange unique gifts for the winners, adding to the excitement.

Nothing to Fear with the Right Assistance

It’s not difficult to plan a kid’s birthday party in Portland on a tight budget. As discussed above, there are plenty of easy and simple things that you can do to organize a terrific party that your child will love.

Art World School offers excellent ways to organize kids’ birthday parties in Portland, Beaverton, and Bethany. Decorations, activities, and goodies, we will get everything done for you at a reasonable price.

Call us today and make your kid’s special day worth remembering!

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