5 Totally Awesome Reasons Parents Send their Kids to Summer Camps

5 Totally Awesome Reasons Parents Send their Kids to Summer Camps


This summer, will your child attend the renowned summer camp in Portland?

You’re providing them with an opportunity that could have a lot of wonderful, lifelong effects. You are giving them the chance to mature and acquire abilities and character characteristics that are frequently difficult to acquire in the comforts of home.

It’s understandable that many parents find the notion of sending their child to a summer camp program in Portland puzzling because many parents won’t let their child go out on a field trip or outdoor pursuits trip even if they are chaperoning.

#1 Happier and Healthier

Kids feel a lot happier at and after camp because of a mix of good feelings, strong connections, being away from technology, and just basic fun. Positive psychology may provide an explanation for why children thrive at summer camps in Portland and exhibit elevated levels of happiness both during and after their time there.

Isn’t it comforting to know that there is a location where kids can go that truly functions as a positive intervention for general happiness at a time when we are witnessing an increase in the incidence of lack of focus and anxiety in our children?

#2 Discover their True-self

Summer Camp in Portland is described by campers as a setting in which they can be themselves in a variety of ways, all of which share the same fundamental meaning.
They don’t feel constrained by what the outside world deems to be “cool” and “accepted,” instead feeling free to say and be who they truly are.
Kids who have a varied range of friends from various ages and backgrounds get better at exploring their own interests and expressing themselves.

#3 Get Better at Communicating

Campers frequently mention giving up their electronics as one of the nicest aspects of their camping experience in post-camp polls. In fact, many make it a habit to put their phones away while they hang out with friends so that they can interact more authentically in person.
Campers have a lot of time each day to practise these interpersonal communication skills because there are no technological restraints. As they connect favourably with their classmates, kids come to understand the value of things like eye contact, smiling, and body language. Campers begin asking each other questions, observing intently, and identify shared interests as a result of the counsellors’ assistance in facilitating engaging discussions. At summer camps in Portland, children acquire and hone crucial communication skills that they can use all throughout their lives.

#4 Carry Yourself Better

The connections and bonds that form at camp are distinct from those that form on sports teams and in school. Without any outside distractions, living together and going through life together is intense, which makes it the perfect environment for making lifelong friends and getting to know people well. Therefore, if anyone ever questions your choice to send your young child to a conventional, prolonged, stay summer camp in Portland, let them know that while it’s difficult for you to part from your child, you’re giving them a gift that will mean more to them than anything tangible you’ve ever given them.

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