5 Tips for Parents to Keep in Mind before Sending Their Kids to Art camp in Portland!

5 Tips for Parents to Keep in Mind before Sending Their Kids to Art camp in Portland!


Learning art through art camp in Portland is a great opportunity, but most of the preparation for art summer camp falls on parent’s shoulders. So, here’re some ways to get your kid — and yourself — ready for their summer camp experience.

  1. Conduct all necessary research. You’ve probably already spent a lot of time researching the best art camp in Portland for your child, but completing some more research can help you feel more confident about sending your child to camp. Getting as many questions answered as possible is an essential part of preparing for summer camp. Read any information packets, online pages, or videos you have access to, and speak with other parents who have sent their kids to camps similar to those you’ve chosen.
  2. Go to the Campsite in Advance. Try to visit to have a realistic picture of art camp in Portland for your peace of mind and your child. You’ll likely watch your child get enthusiastic about the wonderful attractions they see around them during their camp preview day, and you’ll be able to get all of your questions addressed. If you can’t visit the camp before you go, look over their websites or social media profiles for more information.
  3. Maintain a positive and calm tone throughout your conversations. Avoid expressing concern or the subject of homesickness in front of your child, and keep conversations about packing. Any tension you display will be picked up by your child, leading to negative feelings about an art summer camp in Portland. Remember that no one is perfect and that even if you forget something, your child will get it by borrowing or purchasing items at the camp. They might even find they didn’t require the forgotten item at all. Communicate a guilt-free, positive approach and show your child that we are all still works in progress when it comes to being responsible.
  4. Stick to the packing list and keep your kid involve. It’s never too early to start putting things away for camp. Only bring play clothes that can be shredded and stained without causing you too much discomfort. Even if the things were recently purchased for the trip, labeling your child’s possessions is a terrific method to assist your camper in remembering which items are theirs to keep track of. Send an additional t-shirt for the art classes, water bottle, snack or lunch, and sun protection.
  5. Encourage self-reliance. It may not be very comforting to allow your children more freedom, but try to provide additional incentives for them to develop their independence skills. Concentrate on the positive and reward the improvements they will make. Your child will need to be self-reliant in terms of their belongings and personal hygiene. They should even feel some responsibility for going to summer camp first, and they should stay there without asking for you to pick them up early.

On Ending Note

Art World School is an excellent spot to begin your art camp in Portland. You can contact us for more information about our art summer camp in Portland geared for curious, energetic, and innovative minds. Additionally, feel free to book a visit to one of Portland’s premier summer camps.

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