5 Life Skills Kids Can Learn at Arts and Crafts Classes in Portland!!

5 Life Skills Kids Can Learn at Arts and Crafts Classes in Portland!!


The importance of art classes extends far beyond helping pupils improve their painting or sculpture talents. Kids who learn to be artists build life skills that will help them prepare for their future, whether or not they want to be professional artists.

So, if you’re taking one of our arts and crafts classes in Portland, you will benefit from the five life skills listed below:

1. How to Observe and Look Closer

When we first begin teaching art to children, they are direct and use a simple technique and approach. For example, if we ask a young child to sketch a human. They’ll begin by sketching a circle for the head, followed by lines for the body and hands.

Stick figures are an exceptional place to start for new artists, followed by basic shapes. As artists evolve, their work can sometimes dive deeper and look at what defines the subject of their art. That’s why our teachers at art and craft School in Portland encourage students to examine their work more closely.

2. How to Feel Empathy

It’s exciting for children to begin a work of art, but they also have the opportunity to ponder how to bring that figure to life. We at art and craft School in Portland ask students questions and encourage discussion to help them see all the opportunities they have in creating.

Our art teacher encourages kids to think about what it means to be that person beyond a simple drawing. Though some art focuses solely on the artist’s point of view, other approach looks at a person without imposing preconceived ideas on them but adjusting the work to fit the model’s character.

3. Tell Stories

Art, like a story, is more compelling when the audience feels a sense of connection with the people and concepts. Young children have a natural ability to tell stories, and art allows them to do so without using words. As kids mature, they can search and develop art to convey their tales and develop a language that only they understand. Feeling like you have your hidden nonverbal language can be freeing and thrilling for school students.

4. Solve Issues

Every student has a unique method of creating, but as they get more involved in the process, they learn which creative technique works best. Before diving into a project, our arts and crafts classes in Portland direct students to start making “thumbnail sketches.” It allows them to explore numerous color schemes and combinations and prospective material and media choices. As they do a lot of practice, they learn to solve problems that occur while creating art.

5. See Connections

Many artists in the world have vastly different points of view. While teaching children about art, at our arts and crafts classes in Portland, we encourage them to consider how the artists are linked and how they shaped the time and place in which they lived. We discuss art movements, how they’ve changed in the past due to culture, place, and style, and how they continue to evolve today.

At art and craft School in Portland, we believe that by assisting children in seeing links between artists, they will gain confidence in respecting their distinctiveness and unique perspective. What matters is how it deepens a student’s understanding.


Students at our art and craft school in Portland have the opportunity to express their creativity and immerse themselves in art. Furthermore, students gain confidence, acquire empathy, and learn how to view the world from many perspectives. All of these abilities assist children in preparing to face the world with zeal and originality. So, if you want your child to have all of these abilities, Art World School is the place to go.

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