Architecture/Fine Art/Chinese Mandarin

Majoring in Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis, Steven has been practicing art since he was five. He found his love for architecture at a young age through arts and crafts and progressing to model building and design. Designing structures from gardens spaces to observatories to full theaters, Steven has a passion to integrate eastern philosophies of architecture and art into a western setting. Through his architecture work, he’s achieved the Scholastics Gold Key award and he even had his architectural photography hung up in the Kemper Gallery in St. Louis. In addition, he’s also very proficient in fine arts such as painting and drawing.

He holds a great emphasis to the ideals between function and form and strives to find the perfect balance between these two concepts within his architectural designs. His mastery in craft creates a great emphasis on cleanliness and efficiency with material and design. In his classes, he teaches students about the kinds of designs they can make within the constraints of a realistic atmosphere. He tries to inspire the students in the same way he was inspired to pursue architecture through design and creativity. ​​

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