Fine Art/Clay & Ceramics/Arts & Crafts/Calligraphy

Sophia is a Portland based photographer, ceramist, and visual artist. Her New York based education, and work experience ranges from studying photography at the School of Visual Arts, to working with Traction Artist Management, and Greg Kadel Studios. In New York she worked on sets shooting with Victoria Secret, Lone Signal, and Target. After this she interned with the Iowa Cedar Rapids Museum of Art before relocating to Oregon. On the west coast she found her voice as an artist and community member. She became active with the Oregon Student Association and her interest in student advocacy and engagement blossomed. She has done extensive volunteer teaching for organizations such as the Sol Foundation in Honduras, college coach, founded the Human Rights and Civil Rights club, volunteered with VoteORVote. She has also taught English as another language, worked in student government, and received various awards for her work in student government.

She has continued her freelance art work, and is currently finishing an additional degree at Oregon State University in visual art and systems of power. Her philosophy in life is to live in a way that allows me to engage with my art regularly, and serve her communities. Her ultimate dream is to work for, or run a community center that is a safe space for children/adolescents to explore art of all kinds.

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