Caroline (Carrie) Green comes from a family full of artists ranging from painters, wood workers, poets, musicians and authors. She grew up surrounded by the art world where weekend trips to museums, galleries and art stores were a common occurrence. Seeing such works as Pollock and Monet helped fuel her passion and curiosity for the arts. She attended the Arts and Communication Magnet Academy, followed by Portland Community College where she earned a General Associates before becoming a working artist in the Pacific NW.

Carrie has experience in fine art including mixed mediums, oil, acrylic, pastel, clay and more. She has a strong passion for animals and the environment which she depicts through her work. Her paintings have been featured on IFC’s “Portlandia” and are currently on display at the Starry Night Inn located in Seaside Oregon.

Carrie loves staying active in the community, and was the Vice Chair to the Gresham Art Committee, volunteer artist for the Peoples Art of Portland, and one of the first registered artists on the RACC’S Muralist roster.

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