Congratulations to Art World School Student Winners in the 2022 State Fish Art Contest


Wildlife Forever, a nonprofit organization with the mission of educating about and preserving the United States’ natural environment, holds a yearly Art Contest inviting children grades K-12 from all over the United States to submit Fish Illustrations. On May 20th, 2022, the winners of this year’s Wildlife Forever State Fish Art contest were announced, and we are ecstatic to report multiple students from our Beaverton and Portland Fine Art and After School Programs were found amongst the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place spots.

We had three 1st place winners for their respective divisions, with Rajanya Paul, Elise Then, and Lily Wang all making a fine showing. Rajanya Paul, one of our Beaverton and Portland Fine Art Program students, won the K-3rd Grade Division with her illustration of a Chinook Salmon. Elise Then, in the 4th-6th Grade Division, impressed with her illustration of a Brook Trout. Finally, rounding out our 1st place winners, Lily Wang took the 7th-9th grade division with a majestic image of a California Golden Trout mid-leap.

As for 2nd place winners, the older students from our Beaverton and Portland Fine Art Program continued to astound with Skyla Huang and Xiao Wen Carol Dong’s illustrations. Skyla Huang submitted an expertly done colored-pencil illustration of a pair of Sailfish to the 7th-9th grade division. Xiao Wen Carol Dong, with an acrylic painting portraying a lap of Cod, would take the silver in the 10th-12th grade division.

Finally, Art World School would impressively represent 100% of the 3rd place winners from Oregon. Saketh Vasala, who worked with us one-on-one, submitted a painting of a Mahi-mahi to the K-3rd grade division. Jincheng Zou, submitting to the 4th-6th grade division, took 3rd with an illustration of a Chinook Salmon. Sarah Lei rendered a Channel Catfish with colored pencil to take 3rd in the 7th-9th Grade division. Arnold Yang, with his painting of a pair of Muskellunge, would round out our winning students taking bronze in the 10th-12th Grade division.

We don’t know if you were keeping track but looking back, the students of our Beaverton and Portland Fine Art Program represented nine of Oregon’s twelve winners! An astounding showing from Art World School for sure, but we can’t understate the hard work all the students put in to do as well as they did. Congrats to all this year’s winners, and we hope you continue to grow your passion for art.

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